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Happy Birthday. I mean it. I know your birthday was always a big deal to you, and I never really gave you anything like you always did for mine, but I really do hope you have a happy one today.

It's been almost half a year since I pulled away from you, and I hope it's done wonders for your life as it has done for mine. If I could hope to give you one gift for your birthday, it's this; that you get over me. Forget about me and move on with your life. You'll be happier for it, I know you will.

I think all I ever did was drag you down, because that's exactly what you did to me. You drained me emotionally, but I'm pretty sure I did the same to you. You loved me, and I couldn't return that and it weighed down on both of our shoulders. I really do hope my leaving lifted that from you, so you could leave it behind and just walk forward.

I'm in a better place in my life now than I was six months ago and I really, honestly hope you are too. So please make the most of what your life consists of now, without me in it, and I hope that you find happiness there.

(I'm keeping this public, just in case he happens to be a stalkering fool and peruse my lj. I don't care if he sees this, but if he does I hope he understands...)


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